Now is a great time to learn more about barter or trading. MTA will make it easy for you and your business to get started.

Bartering is a simple easy way to bring new customers to your business. When you join MTA, a new market of thousands of potential clients opens up to you. There are also thousands of local businesses ready to do work for you and your company when you are ready to use your trade dollars. Our staff works to make trade easy among clients in an efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective way. We want to help you improve your business outlook and enhance your lifestyle.

Bartering is really a simple concept. Our qualified team of trade brokers will assist you in transforming your available staff-time and inventory into new sales. Those sales are turned into trade dollars that will buy you the products and services your business needs while conserving cash. With that extra cash, you may be able to open a new location, hire additional employees or expand your current location. Just imagine the possibilities!
Barter is a genius idea. It doesn’t conflict or hinder your cash business; it enhances it!

  • Do you know barter is equal to cash in improving cash flow?
  • Do you know barter produces the same cash profits as cash transactions?
  • Do you know MTA brings you new business, generates new revenue and, at the same time, can allow you to have wholesale-like purchasing power where you don’t currently have a discounted line of supply?

Now is the time to find out! The barter industry has a projected 800% growth rate in the next decade! Everyday more and more companies are profitably participating in Metro Trading Association. You should too!
Michael L. Mercier