There are a lot of reasons we could provide you to help convince you to join MTA. But, rather than bombard you with facts and figures, we decided to provide you with the top 10 reasons for thousands of successful business owners who have joined Metro Trading Association.

Greater Profits

Improved profitability is the goal of every business. There are only two ways to improve cash profits: increasing the amount of business or reducing costs. Metro Trading Association can do both by bringing you new business, which you would not receive otherwise, and by turning that business into goods and services your business needs, thus eliminating an equal amount of cash overhead costs.

More Business & New Revenue Sources

Metro Trading Association provides marketing services to more than 5,000 members in Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio. That amounts to 5,000 potential new customers you wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to.

Efficient Use of Excess Inventory & Service Time

Every business struggles with the dilemma: what to do with extra inventory or work-hours that could be put to better use. When you join Metro Trading Association, we are committed to finding ways for you to put the excess to use in a way that benefits your company. Our outstanding trade brokers can match you with businesses and individuals looking for your goods and services and, in return, you will have access to goods and services both locally and worldwide.

Exceptional Customer Service

Metro Trading Association is committed to excellent customer service. We work hard for the benefit of our members, actively marketing you to other members and pursuing the goods and services you need. We aggressively enforce rules of fair trading to ensure the integrity of your trade transactions. We don’t succeed unless you succeed, and nobody is better at making trade work for you than Metro Trading Association.

Improves Cash Flow & Provides More Cash on Hand

When you join Metro Trading Association, you open a new, cash-free way of handling overhead costs. This means that the money you formerly spent on overhead costs can stay in your bank account so that it can be used to expand your business or make needed improvements. Join Metro Trading Association and let us find ways to keep more cash in your pocket!

New Discounted Lines of Supply

When you make a purchase using your MTA credits, it is equal to that of your wholesale cost. So when you buy your investment using your MTA credits, it is equal to your wholesale cost. Therefore, everything you buy through MTA is like buying at wholesale!

Convenient Computerized Bookkeeping

Metro Trading Association uses state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the on-line account balances, histories and monthly statements providing efficient, accurate and convenient bookkeeping for all your trade transactions.

New Cash Sales Along with Trade Business

Business owners are leaders and where leaders go, others follow. When Metro Trading Association members purchase your goods and services, it plants the seed for future sales to their friends, family, business associates and clientele. The effect of your membership in MTA is immeasurable.

No Accounts Receivable

Metro Trading Association takes the hassle out of billing. By using our authorization system you don’t have to worry about collections or bad debt. You are able to process transactions easily and efficiently, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Incentives & Employee Benefits

How can you reward and pamper your employees? Metro Trading Association has the answer. Through pre-paid cards, gift certificates and personal accounts, Metro Trading Association members can provide their employees with much deserved bonuses, commissions and even basic benefits such as dental care without using cash.