At Metro Trading Association, there are many questions we hear over and over again. Though the process of using trade is quite simple, people who are new to the concept seem to have a variety of questions. In order to assist you and answer some of those questions that might be on your mind, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, email us at or call any broker at 1-888-LETS TRADE.


How does barter work?

Bartering may be the world’s oldest tool for buying and selling goods and services. The practice of trading one thing for another is as old as mankind itself. Since the dawn of time, people have been trading what they have or do for what they need. And, as they say, everything old is new again. So it is that bartering, which is also the newest and the most sophisticated way to expand business without additional cash expenses. Bartering is a new take on the ancient practice: the cash-less art of trading what you have for what you want. Today, bartering is a sophisticated business tactic practiced by companies all over the country and the world. Locally Metro Trading Association has been bringing companies together for the exchange of products and services since 1978. By joining MTA, you are joining a network of thousands of businesses that exchange services on a daily basis. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant and you’re thinking of joining the MTA. Since you are in the MTA’s directory and listed on our website, members will be bringing their business to your establishment. And what do you get in return? The possibilities are endless. You can spend the MTA dollars you get with any member business – you are not limited to just the businesses that buy from you. Modern barter is flexible and much more utilitarian. Our system is similar to a credit card and easy to use. Putting barter to work for your company is simple and easy. It’s also an effective way to expand your business without spending a lot of money on advertising and marketing.

What can I buy with my trade dollars?

Check out the member products and services from a list of some of the products and services, you will be able to purchase with your trade dollars. You may also want to take a look at some sample members’ businesses for some insight.

How do I know which barter exchange to choose?

  • Check the association’s membership lists to ensure that it’s trade possibilities match your needs.
  • Be sure the association is not overloaded with other businesses selling your product. See if the association will guarantee in writing that you’ll make more money than it costs you to join. Reputable associations will refund your enrollment fees if you don’t get enough business to cover the enrollment fee.
  • Take note of the association’s published rules and procedures and make sure they have a compliance committee to actively enforce rules of fair trading. Revoking memberships, when required for the good of the whole, is important.
  • Be certain that the association has a method to protect member trade credit balances if in case, the association becomes insolvent.
  • Ask how the association helps its members in finding suitable trading partners. Does the group have trade brokers and field service representatives to advocate your product? Will the association provide you with free advertising in their directory, newsletter or direct mail package?

Metro Trading Association has been bringing companies together to barter since 1978. We guarantee new profits in writing or you get your money back. We work with thousands of businesses that have found bartering a useful tool in growing their business. We want your business to be successful and we want to help you by showing you what bartering can do for you both personally and professionally. Through MTA, you will receive excellent customer service with experienced brokers and field service representatives to respond to your needs.

What are some of the advantages to using barter?

By bartering with the members of the MTA, you are sure to attract new business to your company. This will expand your client base beyond your current cash accounts. When you join Metro Trading Association, you open a new, cash-free way of handling overhead costs. This means that the money you formerly spent on overhead costs can stay in your bank account. Or you can use it to expand your business or make needed improvements. Join Metro Trading Association and let us find ways to keep more cash in your pocket! For more information, read reasons to barter.

I know of another business that would like to join MTA, What should I do?

Simply contact your trade broker and provide the company’s name and phone number. We’ll do the rest. At MTA, we’re working to make your business more profitable.

How soon should I expect new business after I become a member?

The barter marketplace works just like an economy and the rules of supply and demand dictate business. Noticing a demand for a particular product or service, MTA focuses it’s marketing efforts on fulfilling client’s needs by bringing on new members to handle business we already have in hand. Consequently, in most cases, new business can be almost immediate. Furthermore, upon becoming a member, we will employ all of our marketing techniques from direct mail to broadcast fax and e-mails to give your business maximum exposure to our clients.

What is a trade broker?

If you join Metro Trading Association, you will get to know your trade broker as well. He or she will assist you in generating new business by marketing your products and services to other members. Your trade broker will also answer any questions you have, find new services you are looking for and assist you in buying from other members of the MTA. By having them do the shopping and selling, you make the system convenient and efficient for you.

Are there any tax advantages or disadvantages to barter?

Barter income should be viewed as you view your cash income. Metro Trading Association has a responsibility, imposed by law, to provide the IRS with information on the annual barter income of each client in the form of a 1099B. Therefore, there are no inherent tax advantages or disadvantages just because you use a barter association. However, as with cash income, barter purchases that are business related are considered deductible.

Do you know what the three R’s in the word referral stand for?

Their meaning is the key to success in word-of-mouth marketing.  For truly understanding what the purpose of “networking” really is, it is important to understand the meaning of the Three r’s in the word Referral.  If you always remember what these three r’s stand for, you will have the right “mindset” when it comes to networking with others.  In The Three r’s stand forA relationships where the other person is willing to risk  their  reputation  for you. When someone is willing to pass you a high quality referral, this is exactly what they are doing.  They are putting their reputation with their client, family member, or friend on the line for you.  They are trusting that you will make their referral happy to have been referred to you and that you will not damage their relationship with the referral even if it doesn’t work out. It is important to realize this is what is happening actually.  It is also important that before you have any expectations of receiving any type of referral from someone in your network instead you should ask whether you have met this requirement.  Have you built the appropriate relationship with this person where they will be comfortable risking their reputation?  Have you earned that level of trust and confidence? Networking is about developing these relationships with other professionals.  It is about developing a web of contacts with people you give and receive referrals from.  There will always be a time element involved in this process but the more you learn how to network effectively the less time it will take to see results. So remember to always ask: Have I developed a relationship  with this person where they are willing to risk their  reputation  for me?